Sharks are the ocean’s most famous predators, now threatened with extinction by an even deadlier predator – humans. Test your shark knowledge by taking this short quiz.

1. How many species of sharks do we know of?

2. Name this shark:

3. Approximately how many sharks do humans kill worldwide each year?

4. Approximately how many humans do sharks kill worldwide each year?

5. True or False – The shark skeleton is one of the heaviest in the world.

6. What is the largest species of shark?

7. True or False – Sharks live solitary lives and always hunt alone.

8. The Shortfin Mako is the fastest shark in the world. How fast can it swim?

9. In 2016 scientists discovered a Greenland shark that was the oldest living shark on record. How old was the shark estimated to be at the time of discovery?

10. True or False – Sharks can only swim forwards.

11. Which one of the following is not a species of shark:

12. Roughly how many sharks are caught and die as by-catch from the fishing industry each year?

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